Health & Safety


During these unprecedented times, we genuinely appreciate your interest in supporting us at Damn Good Beer Bus. We enjoy nothing more than provide guests with a fun, unique, and SAFE experience. Our priority is to keep our guests, staff, breweries, and general population safe.

In addition to following guidelines and taking measures to provide a safe experience for all involved, we ask that you join us in using your best judgment and doing your part.

Let’s Get Through This Together

If you are sick, showing symptoms of COVID-19, have come in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or has shown symptoms, please sit this one out. The tours and breweries will be here. We promise to do the same. Business is cool and all, but health gets the edge over craft beer this time.

In addition, the following measures will continue to be tweaked and updated to as information and protocols change.

Our safety protocols

Tour Events

  • Private tours & other services available
  • We have narrowed our available brewery partners to ones that have a large taproom and plenty of outdoor seating. (Nanobrewery friends: Nothing personal.)

Cleaning, Health, and Safety

  • High contact areas on the bus will be sanitized before and after each tour.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available through the guides on each tour for guests to use at any time.
  • Staff will be required to wash or sanitize their hands at the start, during, and end of their shifts.

Physical Distancing

  • Guests are required to wear face coverings while checking in, during the rides/walks, and anytime they are not at the designated table at a brewery.
  • Staff and guests will maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves as much as possible.


  • Staff will always wear face coverings, unless they are seated at a table in a brewery
  • Staff will be encouraged to report to supervisors any practices or protocols that are not adequately minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus
  • Any staff member feeling ill, showing symptoms of COVID-19, or have come in contact with anyone showing symptoms will not operate a tour

Let's BREW This!

Because all of our private tours are highly customizable, we will get in touch with you VERY soon after you fill out the form, below, and give us a couple starting pieces of info.